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What I Learned From My First Family Photo Shoot

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

You're Going to Move - a Lot! ....

Capturing the perfect pictures is going to involve a ton of movement. You're going to run... a lot! And you're going to squat... a lot! Young kids have short attention spans and run from one thing to the next. Therefore YOU are going to have a short attention span and run from one thing to the next to make sure you in place to catch those beautiful candid moments your clients really want to see.

Kids are also short! You usually want your object at eye level, and since kids are small, you've got to squat to get down to their level. Make sure to stretch beforehand an wear good running shoes!  

It's YOUR Job to Make the Baby Laugh....

You've got everyone lined, up the lighting is perfect, the stars have aligned for this beautiful shot... but the baby won't smile. And pretty soon every single person is looking at the baby trying to get them to smile and when they finally DO smile, you've got this beautiful picture of a smiling baby... but no one else is even looking at you. 

So you have to tell everyone at the beginning of the shoot: It is YOUR job to make the baby smile. It is THEIR job to smile at the camera and look fantastic!

Having an Assistant will Save Your Bacon....

I take my husband on the majority of my photo shoots and he usually just helps hold my gear and lend moral support. But on this photo shoot he was invaluable! When you're doing a photo shoot with young kids, an assistant can keep an eye on a small child while you take pictures of just the adults, they can help make the baby laugh while you're looking through the camera to make sure you're in place to catch that magical shot of the laughing baby! 

You're Going to Have So Much Fun!

For reals, though, photo shoots with small kids are some of my favorite things ever! The laughter, the games you play to get them to smile, the pure innocence and adorableness! You might feel like you've run a mile by the end of it, (and you probably have) but you're also going to be forever grateful you said yes to photographing someone so small and so perfect. It'll warm your heart! 

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