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Utah Country Family Session | Davidson

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Most of you who follow our crazy medical school adventure know that Kyle had a few weeks off this summer and we spent most of it in Utah with all of our family. It was AMAZING! Reconnecting with my husband, getting to see all of our favorite people in the world, and taking advantage of the beautiful, not-humid, not-100-degrees-outside weather to do a bunch of family sessions! And this absolutely adorable family was one of them!

Scott and Rachel (the mom and dad) are actually Kyle's aunt and uncle! We adore them and their cute girls and were so grateful they could escape the Arizona summer to spend time up in Utah as well. They hadn't taken family photos in years, so one evening we just dashed outside super fast to a gorgeous open field rights across the street and snapped a few photos as the sun was setting. Some clouds rolled in and covered the sun, so these photos aren't as bright and light as they normally would be, but they still capture the incredible essence of this remarkable family.

Because Kyle and I are so much older than our cousins here, we actually view them more as nieces than cousins! Fun fact, when they were younger, they actually called him Uncle Kyle! I guess that's what happens when you're over a decade, decade and a half older than some of your cousins! But because we knew them so well, their family session was a breeze! Capturing their cute personalities was so much easier because they felt comfortable with us. It doesn't hurt that Grandpa was standing right behind me making silly faces the entire time ;)

These little girls are spunky, fun, compassionate, and genuine. They laugh easily and freely and make you want to join in on whatever they're doing because they're just having so much fun doing it! They've been raised by two amazing parents who inspire Kyle and I to be the best couple we can possibly be. Thank Davidson family for letting us capture these moments! We love you guys with all our hearts!

Enjoy a few of my favorite from their family session!

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