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Tibble Fork Extended Family Session | Lindsey Family

Any of you who know me know that I come from a HUGE family! My parents had six biological children (which is a large family in and of itself) and then adopted four more through foster care. So yes, you did the math correctly. I come from a family of ten kids :) That's pretty large even for a Mormon family! Well we've since added four spouses and six grandchildren to that, so our family photos this summer included 22 people! Finding a pretty photo location with good lighting at a time that worked for everyone's schedules (including early bedtimes for little ones, work schedules for adults, etc.) was insanity! But that one word pretty much sums up our family in a nutshell: Insanity. We're pretty used to it around here, and we wouldn't have it any other way :)

Fun fact: my parents eloped to Taiwan! You heard me: they eloped to Taiwan! What a beautifully fitting start to our crazy family story. So kick back, grab some popcorn (preferably drizzled with chocolate), and fasten your seatbelts because I'm gonna tell you my family story for a hot minute.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful dancer from Vegas named Liz - that's my mom. She wasn't really a dancer in Vegas (she lived in St. George and had dance competitions in Vegas) but that's how my dad likes to introduce her to new people. Anyways, Liz attended Dixie College for a semester or two and was required to take a Child Development class for some reason (who knows why). She enrolled in the class and met Mike, a dashingly handsome and oh so arrogant pre-mission version of my now marginally less arrogant dad. While in this child development class, Mike loudly (and repeatedly) claimed that he was going to get the highest score in the class despite the professor's obvious preference for her nursing students who were also in the class. After listening to Mike's haughty proclamations day after day, Liz finally turned around and forcefully claimed " You are the most arrogant man I have ever met!" (Yes, my mother did have quite the feisty spirit back then - and still does) and stormed off, determined to avoid him for the rest of the class. Until they were assigned as partners for a project later that week.

No that doesn't seem like the fairytale start of a perfect love match, but experience created a strong relationship that lasted through both of their missions for the LDS church (done almost simultaneously), teaching English together in Taiwan, eloping to the LDS temple in Taiwan, having six biological kids, adopting four special needs children through foster care, putting five children through college, and countless acts of love and service along the way. That exchange between two stubborn, confident, exasperated college kids with a immense capacity to love, changed the world. Or at least it did for all 22 of us in this family photo. And for every friend who came to play at our home, every family invited over for dinner, every neighbor they served, and every child they loved.

I've told countless people "My mom is and angel and my dad is a saint." and, despite their imperfections, I stand by that statement. I truly do believe my parents, the arrogant college boy and the dancer from Vegas, changed the world. And they continue to change my world for the better every time they interact with me. Our move to San Antonio has been SO HARD! So incredibly hard. But I've never once questioned the love or support or willingness to hep of my angel parents. So many Facetime calls. So many trips from Utah and Texas. So many "just checking in" calls or "thinking of you" texts.

Well folks, story time is over, but I'm so grateful to my Father in Heaven that this story is one that I get to live every day. Enjoy some of my favorite photos from our family session up at Tibble Fork Reservoir while we were up in Utah. (Yes, I had to use a tripod and timer and run back and forth. In a dress. On a mountain.)

And maybe next time I'll tell y'all the story of how my grandparents met! It's funny - I think my Grandma disliked my Grandpa even more than my Mom disliked my Dad!

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