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Tibble Fork Family Session | Brunner

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Multiple times during this family session I had the thought "PLEASE don't fall down the mountain!" Up in at Tibble Fork the views of the mountains are spectacular, but with that beautiful scenery comes the increased danger of actually falling down the side of one of those mountains. And with all of the lifting and holding and gentle shoving on the uneven ground, I was slightly concerned the Brunner's family session would have a drastic alternate ending instead of the happy, fun one I was envisioning in my head. Luckily for everyone involved, we all made it safely back down to the cars at the end of the day and had a TON of fun capturing this lively, passionate family.

As a family photographer I get to interact with a lot of different families. Like, a lot. And at each session I'm blessed to find something about that family that Kyle and I want to re-create in our own family someday. Maybe it's that family's ability to stay cheerful when the weather is conspiring against us. Or maybe it's the parents' long-suffering, tender patience with their energetic children. Or maybe it's a family's shared sense of humor that knits them ever closer together.

Spunk. That's the word that comes to mind when I think of the Brunner family. When you look up the definition, it means "courageous and determined". And that's exactly what they are: courageous and determined to be themselves and have as much fun as they can while doing it! Their energy is infectious, and the obvious joy they find in each others' company is inspiring. This is the thing that stood out to me that made me think "That's what I want for my family someday". The fun, the laughter, the unashamed "this is who I am and I know I'm so loved". That's what I want.

So enjoy some of my favorite family photos capturing this incredible fam! They truly do inspire me to be better and develop the same love and joy that they already possess. Thank you Brunner family for such a wonderful family session and for inspiring both Kyle and I. Y'all are amazing!!



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