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Thomas Family | San Antonio Family Session

Say hello to the Thomas family! Their family photo session here in San Antonio was a full adventure including their unsuspecting photographer getting a more-than-slightly-gross squirrel surprise.

Here's a hint: 🐿️💩🙆‍

There might have also been an obnoxious amount of mosquito bites, but that's just San Antonio for ya!

Lizzy and Jared are some of the cutest little nieces and nephews a girl could ask for! No matter how long it's been since we've visited, Lizzy is always so excited to see her "Aunt Sara"! According to Lizzy, I'm her "favorite (and only) aunt who lives in San Antonio" but Aunt Zoe is still her favorite aunt overall ;)

Tiffany and Phillip truly inspire me. Although there's a ten year age difference between us, Tiff and I are alike in a lot of ways that transcend an age gap. We're both extremely stubborn, believe books are second only to family, and deal with the harsh reality that comes with having a chronic illness. She and Phillip gave been such incomparable examples for Kyle and I as we've learned how to consciously improve our marriage and become stronger because of our unique trials.

At every family session, I love to take the mama off by herself for a second and get some photos of just her. So often the moms are the ones behind the camera, not in front of it, so I try and spotlight them a bit and give them some cute photos to remember this season of life! This photo was taken 3.6 seconds BEFORE a squirrel pooped on my head....

And this one was taken 2.7 seconds AFTER a squirrel pooped on my head... you can always count on those squirrels for an authentic smile, right? ;)

But squirrel or no squirrel to bring out that laugh, Tiffany has an inner beauty that just radiates out of her. A beauty that comes from persevering through immense trials and rather than becoming hardened and bitter because of them, has become kinder, developed more compassion, and grown closer to God.

Thomas family, thank you so much for the incredible adventure! We loved taking these photos for you and hope that you will cherish them and the memories for they stand for (especially any related to squirrels) for years to come! Thank you for encouraging and supporting me on my journey as a San Antonio family photographer and Kyle on his medical journey. We love you guys and are so grateful to have you so close(ish) for the next few years!


Sara and Kyle

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