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Hayley | San Antonio Portrait Photography at the Pearl

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

Meet Hayley! The self-proclaimed clumsiest yogi this half of the world and one of the most genuine people I've ever met. She's also one of the first friends we made here in San Antonio! I'll never forget our first Sunday at church where she came up to us, already knowing our names, and said, "Are you the Welburns? We're so excited you're here!!" She then proceeded to invite us over for dinner the next Sunday. With food in the picture, it was the start of a beautiful friendship!

We headed down to the Pearl, a cool part of San Antonio that used to be a brewery but is now one of the top culinary spots in town with lots of cute shops, restaurants, and even a riverside amphitheater! I'd never been before but Hayley used to live there and knew all the cute spots!

San Antonio senior photo sitting on railing in the Pearl by senior photographer Sara Welburn

We had tons of fun just laughing and talking and trying DESPERATELY to not melt in the 100 degree heat (at 8pm?! Come on Texas....). Hayley's husband, Christian, is a second year medical resident here in San Antonio so she's been through the whole medical school adventure and knows what it's like! Our journey as medical wives is hard, but so worth it! You just have to remember who's in charge (the Lord) and find joy in everything, especial the hard times. Here are some of my favorite corny pictures as we chose to laugh and have fun despite the heat!

A definite highlight from our session was when a man walking his dog along the riverwalk let us pet his adorable puppy!! He fit right in! Hayley (who has two pups of her own) was so excited!

Then a few minutes later, a random man walking past with his wife jumped in and wanted in on a shot or two!

But probably my favorite part of the whole session is when we saw some really cool looking doors on a patio attached to the big hotel in the middle of the Pearl that we desperately wanted pictures in front of, but the patio had a sign proclaiming that it was a private space for events. We reasoned that we were only going to be on the patio for two minutes tops (PLUS the gate wasn't even locked) so Hayley scrambled through the gate super fast while I was hanging off of the railing trying to get the right angle to take the shot. Literally TWO SECONDS after she walked through the little gate, a man walked out of the hotel right where we were. My heart stopped, terrified we were going to get in tons of trouble, but the man (who looked like he was a serve of some kind) just looked at us, looked at the gate, shrugged, and WALKED AWAY!! We quickly took the rest of our photos and got out of there as fast as we could! Here's why we risked getting thrown out!

senior portrait of girl standing in front of ivy window in the Pearl in San Antonio

Hayley, thank you for being your beautiful, kind, genuine, expressive self! You've truly made my personal transition to San Antonio and life as a medical spouse SO MUCH easier! I cherish the time we get to spend together and I'm inexpressibly grateful for your friendship! I hope these photos make you feel as beautiful as you really are, inside and out.

Love, Sara

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