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The Pearl Family Session - Walker

Updated: Jan 8

This family showed up for their family session at The Pearl looking FANTASTIC! It was one of those oddly cold days because we had a huge cold front come through, so it was only in the 50's during their session (which sounds warm for November but not for us Texans!). Any other day of San Antonio's gorgeous Fall and the temperature would have been in the 70's! The weather made it difficult for this cute little girlie in a sleeveless dress, but luckily her mom has excellent fashion sense and her coat looked just as great in the photos! Just like the rest of the family, she was such a good sport despite the cold weather. We had so much fun running around, playing games, giving piggy back rides, and starting tickle fights!

We've got the ever-gorgeous mom and dad who could seriously make big money from modeling - they're beautiful! Then we've got Harlon, 14, who's already coding in python and java script. (The only way I know that those are computer coding languages is because my brother does that for a living. Way to go Harlon!) Josiah, 12, who literally named his cat Dab Sky Walker and is surviving the apocalypse in Zombie Club. So you know he's a legit kid. Everett, who just turned 10, aspires to become the first engineer, doctor, and film score composer triple threat! Brielle, 6, is enjoying learning Spanish in her dual language program and teaching her family how to speak it! She's a spitfire!

This cute family was SO fun to photograph! I love watching sibling interactions during my sessions and these cuties did not disappoint. Thank you, Walker family, for sharing your spunky, fun-loving family with me! You guys are beautiful inside and out!



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