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Tanner Allen Hill | In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session | Sara Welburn Photography

You know those families that just warm your heart? You see them and you can't help but smile because they're so real and so fun and even though life is crazy and hard, they have this joy that just radiates from them? Well that family is the Hill family. You've got Marshall, the super star ophthalmology resident father. You've got Lisa, the beautiful, patient, fun-loving mother with her contagious smile and laugh. It's hard to not feel loved when you're around Lisa! And their adorable kids! The ones that never fail to bring a smile to your face no matter how hard of a day you're having. Max, the big brother, the budding superstar athlete. We'll see him playing for the Professional Golf League or the NBA here in a few years if we're lucky! And Jane, cute little Jane. She's one of the spunkiest, most determined 4 year olds I've had the pleasure of spending time with! Nora, the baby of the family before cute little Tanner came along, has one volume level: loud. Her contagious giggle bounces off of the walls, into your soul, and you can't help but laugh along. She's struggling a little bit with not being the baby anymore, and according to her mom tries to "accidentally" do away with Tanner like thirty times a day. She's a total riot! This family exudes loves and you can't help but be drawn in.

When we moved to San Antonio, we met Marshall our very first day at church. He came up to us, introduced himself, and made a huge point to spend some time with us and make sure we felt welcome! His kind words and friendly face made our transition into a scary place where we knew no one and nothing a lot easier. When we were trying to decide if Kyle should go through the military to pay for medical school, Lisa and Marshal invited us over to their home and sacrificed hours of their limited time sharing their medical Army experience with us. We spent hours sitting on their couch, eating cookies, even laughing hysterically at times because we were all so exhausted. We barely knew them, but they opened up their home, invited us into their lives, and offered us the friendship, guidance, and laughter we desperately needed. What angels on Earth!

Shortly after that, Kyle was assigned to work with Marshall with the missionaries in our area, and I was assigned to the work in the children's program in our church with Lisa. We've loved serving beside these strong lover's of Christ and learning from their beautiful examples. We've learned so much about sacrifice, Christ-like love, and trusting in God's plan from these two wondrous souls. And strength. Lisa had their first baby the first week of medical school. The very first week! I have immense respect for those med school mamas, but I can't even imagine moving across the country while super pregnant, and then having your husband join the military and enter medical school, and then giving birth and taking care of a newborn all within a month or two! The strength necessary to do all of that and raise a family while your husband is in residency working almost 100 hours a week is basically beyond my ability to comprehend. But while I can't fully comprehend the amount of strength that takes, I can appreciate it and learn from it, and that's exactly what I'm doing.

As you can see, we adore and admire this family so much! And we were so excited to welcome their newest arrival. Meet Tanner Allen Hill! He came a few weeks early but he's absolutely perfect and so so loved! Even by Nora ;) Please enjoy some of our favorite photos from this two part newborn photography session!

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