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You know that moment when a small child is looking at you - playing, laughing? They have nothing stressing them out, nothing hanging over their head. There's pure joy on their face, and their laughter is infectious. Suddenly, all of the things weighing you down don't seem to matter all that much any more. That's what every moment of the session with Lina and Barrett was like. I used to teach little Lina's class at church for so she and her spunky personality have a special place in my heart, but Barrett's adorable smile and contagious laugh proved that he was not to be overshadowed!!

I absolutely love doing sessions with other medical families! Kole is currently a emergency medicine resident here in San Antonio and Paula is a Physician's Assistant - they're the epitome of a medical family! It's always so nice to see people who have been where we are now, and have made it through! Granted, no time in life is perfect; every stage in life comes with it's own difficulties. But it's so refreshing to be reminded that this medical journey that Kyle and I are just beginning has a happy ending. Or at least it can. Paula and Kole have sacrificed so much for the life they have now and we admire them so much!

All relationships take work, especially relationship where you have very limited time together. That's a medical marriage for ya! Paula and Kole are such great examples for Kyle and I! Some couples just emanate respect and love for each other. That's Paula and Kole!! The little smiles, shared touches, quiet laughter. You can tell that they just truly enjoy being near each other.

Lina and Barrett can make your heart happy no matter what wood you're in. Lina has one of the sweetest spirits I've ever had the pleasure to be around. She wants so desperately to do the right thing, to do well in every aspect of her life. She always has a hug for me, and loves to spread the love! Not to mention she's got an adorable smile. And Barrett, not to be upstaged by his lovable big sister, just fills your heart with joy any time you're near him. He has his hard days just like any other little one, but the baby snuggles and that toothy grin make it totally worth it.

Despite having crazy schedules in the healthcare world, the bond between Kole and Paula and each of their little angels is SO REAL! Whether you're standing in front of them with a camera or sitting behind them in church, you can feel the love, guys. I mean just look at these photos! They speak for themselves :)

Spaulding family, thank you so much for allowing us to capture these beautiful moments with your family! You are such an inspiration to us, and we absolutely ADORE your little kids! Thank you for sharing your life and your light with us, for encouraging us on this hard path we've chosen, and for reminding us that difficult things are possible when you hold tight to the ones you love and seize every good moment.


Sara and Kyle

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