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San Antonio Lifestyle Newborn Session | Beck

How is it that babies can make anything cute? I mean elephants become INFINITELY cuter when you put them in a baby's room. They go from being these massive, rough-skinned, loud, somewhat terrifying creatures to these adorable little snuggly things that belong on a child's mobile. Baby Beck had the the most adorable elephant- themed nursery with handmade quilts from grandma, vinyl decorations made by mom, and fluffy stuffed elephants given to him by friends and family. I loved all of the personal, handmade touches!

Little Beck is probably one of the easiest newborns I've ever photographed! He was so sweet and calm (he only started fusing there a little bit near the end) but you can definitely see a few quirks in his personality that will be fun to see develop more as he gets bigger! One of my favorite poses for newborns is to swaddle them and lay them on their stomachs with their little hand poking out. Well little Beck did NOT want to stay on his stomach! He was adamant that laying on his back was much more comfortable and dangit that's where he was gonna be! Every single time we tried to get him to curl up on his stomach he ROLLED OVER onto his back! Without fail! I could barely get the camera up in time to capture the few stomach poses you see here before he had wiggled his way back to being on his back. He knows what he wants and he's gonna go for it whether you like it or not. Better watch out, Mom! He's gonna be quite obstinate, just you wait and see.

But I also think he's going to adore his mama. I know that all newborn babies have a special connection with their mother, but it was so touching to watch Aubry care for little Beck. He instantly quieted when she would hold him close and whisper softly to him. He was fussing for a bit when Aubry left the room but when mama came back and started speaking, he was almost immediately drawn in and comforted by her voice. Again, I know most babies have that reaction to their sweet mothers, but this truly was special to witness and I just know Beck is going to adore his mother and be a wonderful son to her!

Normally Tyler would've been at medical school at the time we did the newborn session for Beck, but luckily he was able to come home a little early and jump in for a few photos. As a family photographer I cherish the beautiful relationships I get to witness as an outside observer. Hopefully these photos convey the feeling of love and adoration that just filled the room while Tyler snuggled up with baby Beck. It was so strong that I had to put my camera down for a second and wipe my eyes. I know it can be hard to feel those tangible emotions in the moment when a baby is fussing or you're concerned something is wrong, but it's so important to push those worries aside and remind yourself of the little miracle you're holding in your arms. I count myself as one of the luckiest people in the world to be there and experience those special moments alongside the family.

So without further ado, here is little baby Beck and his adorable nursery and his incredible parents. Becoming a parent when your first child is born is overwhelming, terrifying, exhilarating and a whole lot of other emotions, but I know from the bottom of my heart that Aubry and Tyler will excel. Beck is beyond blessed to have the two of you to guide and love him, and I can't wait to watch him grow up. Enjoy every moment of it and enjoy these photos!



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