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San Antonio Family Session - Thomas

Most of you know that my family adopted four special needs children through foster care when I was a kid. What you probably don't know is how hard it was, and the unbelievable things - both good and bad - we saw throughout the process. An 8 month old baby who weighed under 8 lbs, an abused toddler who couldn't even chew his own food, tiny babies who threw up repeatedly at the slightest provocation. It became commonplace in our home to carry around giant cups so you could respond to a child vomiting at a moments notice. That's how frequently it happened. Beautiful, right? ;)

I have the utmost respect for the angels on Earth that decide to become foster parents. It's an arduous process to become one and an even more difficult lifestyle to live. This beautiful family of four (which will soon be a family of five!!) recently became certified foster parents! When asked what age group they wanted to foster, Tiffany immediately asked "Well which group has the biggest need?" (Side note: the group with the biggest need is infants that aren't up for adoption!) That's just the kind of people Tiffany and Philip are. The kind to take families into their home, feed and care for them for months, and ask for nothing in return. They've done that twice, even before they decided to become certified foster parents!

This family inspires u and everyone they meet to work and grow to become better. Despite the incredibly difficult life challenges that have been thrown their way (chronic illness, infertility, and more) they continue to face life with determination, faith, and generosity. They're true examples of Christ and how he wants us to live our lives. As a family that has faced the possibility of an early death they understand the importance of preserving life's moments, taking those family photos even though it's hard, and documenting the experiences they want their children to learn from in the future. They cherish every moment God gives them together, and they fight to have faith and joy. To guide their children down the right path, even if it's not popular or on trend.

Thank you Thomas family for sharing your adorable children with us and making time for a family session while you were in San Antonio! You are an amazing example to us and encourage us to become more like our Savior. We love you guys dearly and can't wait for your next visit!


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