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The Jensen Family | San Antonio Family Photography Session

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

Uncontrollable giggles. That's what I heard as these four young men took off galloping across the grass with their little sisters perched on their shoulders. Whether it was break-neck speed or major slow-mo, these girls couldn't contain their joy as they bounced around Brackenridge Park with a perspective five feet higher off the ground than normal! When the newest addition joins the family soon, the boy will finally have net their match with an even number of boys and girls! But I know this littlest girl will be loved just as thoroughly and unconditionally as the rest of these cute little ones!

When LeNell first contacted me and inquired about a family photography session, I was a little overwhelmed at the prospect of photographing nine people; it's the largest group session I've done so far! I was nervous that I wouldn't know how to pose that large of a group or that I wouldn't be able to keep everyone's attention for long enough. And although I'm not sure I have more than a single family photo where every person was looking at the camera and in focus, the Jensen family was patient, kind, extremely photogenic, and basically posed themselves! Races, tickle fights, and good ol' fun made the hour pass by so quickly!

I come from a family of twelve, so this session reminded me a lot of my own family! One of my favorite things about big families is seeing all of the different personalities of each individual work together to create something beautiful. Each person is so unique and distinctive, but somehow those differences all work together within the family to create something far better than those beautiful personalities could be alone. We watched these adorable, happy go lucky girls just running around, enjoying every little thing about life and these young boys turning into men - each with their own opinions and talents and strengths - come together and create an almost tangible atmosphere of love and patience and acceptance.

Child number 8 is on her way! Clay really wanted to get a classic "baby bump" maternity photo even though LeNell wasn't thrilled with the prospect. Pregnancy looks elegant and beautiful on her. You can feel the intense love that LeNell already has for their little girl even though she hasn't arrived yet. As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints we believe that we knew our families before coming to this Earth and that we have the chance to be with them forever after this life is over. This little girl has been waiting so long to come and join this family, and the relationships they'll nurture on this Earth will continue for eternity! What a beautiful truth!

Jensen family, thank you for allowing Kyle and I to be a part of your collective journey! Large families are hard, but can bring so much joy and companionship and true understanding. The unconditional love fostered in an accepting, Christ-centered family such as yours is uniquely remarkable. Continue to hold each other close and laugh through the hard parts! Your siblings can be some of your very best friends through life. We know ours are.


Sara and Kyle

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