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Roxy and Nassir have been married 11 years and they have some of the cutest nine year old twins around! According to their mom, Ameer and Ameerah (aren't their names adorable?!) love Disneyland, the beach, trying new foodie restaurants and hanging out with family and friends. Ameer is on the autism spectrum, and he adds so much excitement and love to this family! He reminded me of my younger siblings that struggle with their own autistic special needs and I instantly fell in love with him and his shy but witty twin sister during our session!

Eleven years! How amazing is that?! One of my favorite things about being a family photographer is to learn the stories of the different families I photograph. Nassir just started medical school at UIWSOM with Kyle this summer and I know from experience how hard that can be on a family and a marriage. I always admire the older students who choose this journey a little later in life and the passion and determination they have for their chosen life! And I admire their wives and children just as much, if not even more! Moving away from friends, family, babysitters, and every established routine is incomprehensibly difficult. You lose your entire support system as well as your confidant, your best friend, and your greatest listener: your husband. I deeply admire any medical wife - especially those like Roxy with children - for the sacrifices they make that very few people will recognize and even fewer will truly understand.

Ameer was such a champ! When something happens to throw my younger siblings off their routine or when they're required to sit still and follow directions closely for too long, it gets really hard! Meltdowns in public are expected (especially when they were younger). Even though Ameer would have preferred to be down the street at his favorite pizza place (come on, who wouldn't rather be vegging out on pizza then sitting still while a random stranger points a camera at you?) we got some really cute photos and I was extremely proud of him! His reward for doing well at the photo session was supposed to be a ride on the big train that goes around the two mile long park and the neighboring zoo, but the train closed literally five minutes before we had ended our session! So Ameer ended up at that pizza place down the street anyways :)

Ameerah was a real treat to get to know at our session! She was hesitant at first, but as we walked between the different photo spots, she would come up to me and tell me different stories and jokes. She was such a light! I hope that as she gets older and starts that awkward transition into teenage-hood that she will carry that sweet spirit with her and continue to light the lives of those she interacts with like she did mine!

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