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Rock Canyon Family Session | Combrinks

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

I've had many people over the years ask me what it's like to come from a a giant family (ten kids!), and I always tell them the same thing: it's loud, it's hectic, you have very few moments to yourself, and sometimes you come very close to learning just how capable you are of murder. But it's also beautiful, and wonderful; you always have someone to talk to, you never have to feel alone, you're exposed to and learn from so many different ideas and opinions than your own, and you create some of the strongest friendships with your siblings that you'll ever have in your life. Like all of the best things in life, it's magnificent and exhausting and difficult all at the same time.

As a family photographer I love meeting families that share those same close bonds between siblings. They get it! They get the frustration and the anxiety, and the love, and the companionship, and the trust. They understand that you'll never be lonely because you have some of the world's greatest friends right next to you but you're also going to wring someone's neck if they don't stop chewing so loudly in the next five seconds.

The Combrink siblings get it. During our family session I loved watching them interact with each other. I don't think they stopped laughing the entire session! They supported each other, teased each other, and made each other feel valued. It was a prime example to me of what a family should be!

Thank you, Combrinks, for sharing your beautiful family with me! Although the lighting was absolutely perfect in the canyon, your outfits were on point, and y'all posed like you'd been doing it for years, my favroite part of the session was your laughter and the love you share!


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