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Quarantine's New Easter Dresses: Nightgowns |Sara Welburn Photography

This quarantine has got us all doing crazy things. Hoarding food, staring despondently at the wall, actually spending time with the people we live with.

Place starting closing down, we started working from home, and then... the memes happened. SO. MANY. MEMES. Offering laughter in the place of fear. Inspired by this particular meme, Lauren, Brianne, and Sadie decided to do something particularly quirky before all this craziness happened and we all got banished to our homes:

They bought their own "Easter dresses" from the Walmart nightgown section.

Let me repeat that.


And not just any nightgowns, MATCHING nightgowns.

And OF COURSE I offered to capture it for posterity! I mean, how could we not?! This is such a unique (and awful) time in history, that we had to document it. What photographer could pass that up? Plus it was a fantastic opportunity to do something silly and fun and carefree. The pandemic and everything surrounding it have brought a lot of grief, disappointment, and depression. We wanted to bring a little extra joy and sunshine into our lives. And hopefully yours.

So please! Enjoy our wacky senses of humor (think: toilet paper and human pyramids). These ladies couldn't stop laughing the whole session, and their modeling skills were ON POINT! Enjoy our take on a simple meme during one of the craziest times of our lives.

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