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Paiva Family | San Antonio Family Session

Kyle and I have had many many people tell us that we'll make the most amazing friends in med school - the kind you'll actually stay in touch with years down the road, the ones you'll call at 2am in the middle of a crisis, the ones who really just get you. Each time we laughed politely and rolled our eyes at each other when the person turned away. Who had the time and energy to invest in making those kinds of relationships during medical school? Well it turns out, we do! And the Paiva's (along with a few others) are well on their way to becoming just such friends!

Alex is in Kyle's year at UIWSOM and Kristi is in a doctor's wives' support group with me called Side by Side. Guys, this support group is the bomb! I've never really understood when people would say "find your tribe", meaning you need to create a support group that you really connect with and will always be behind you. I've always kind of thought of it as this elusive unicorn you only every really hear about but never really have. Welp, guys, I finally found my unicorn. A group of other women whose husbands are in med school with Kyle, who GET IT! We meet weekly to talk about life, discuss a book we've been reading that week, but basically just talk about life haha we spend the majority of the two hours celebrating each other's successes from that week, commiserating with the struggles, and reminding each other that we're not alone in this journey. It's. The Best.

Kristi and Alex are fantastic! And their two kids, Anthony and Katharine, are just precious. They are some of the most well - behaved, knowledge hungry, up for anything, sweetest kids I've ever met. Anthony wants to be the world's first astronaut scientist, and Katharine wants to be a doctor just like her daddy but also a mom like her mommy. Ah-dorable!

This family is the kind of family you just want to spend time with, the kind that welcomes you into their home and makes you feel included and valued and loved. Thank you Paiva family for being so amazing to us! For caring about us, for helping us to laugh, and for reminding us that God in is the details of our lives and loves us more than we can imagine! We can't wait to see where this medical journey takes us all - together. Enjoy some of my favorites from their family session!

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