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Montecino Family |San Antonio Family Photography Session | Landa Library

I'm so late in getting this blog post out (story of my life) but that doesn't mean I love the Montecino family any less! This quiet, sincere family helps ease your mind and bring a smile to your face all at the same time. They share their love with you so willingly and so openly. It's hard to be in a bad mood around the Montecinos :)

While the Montecinos are generally a more reserved, quiet family, there's an exception to every rule and Leilani is that exception! Leilani (which is the Hawaiian word for "blossom from Heaven" or "child of God") is a firecracker! She's sweet and fun, and has a spunkiness that I desperately hope she doesn't lose as she gets older and the teenage pressure to conform and fit in become all too real! Quentin, although quieter than his sister, has a fun sense of humor that slowly emerges the longer you talk to him with an adorable smile you can't help but mirror back to him. At the end of our family session when I open up the remaining time to just fun, quirky photos the family might have in mind, both Leilani and Quentin had lots of ideas; they had so much fun expresses themselves through their poses! Check out some of the karate and jumping poses they both thought up!

Delayna, this beautiful, strong, military mother carries a sense of calm around her that quiets your soul and eases your mind. She gives the best hugs, and somehow her sweet spirit reaches out and touches you in a way that you can just feel how much she cares and wants to listen. She is a beautiful example for strength, perseverance, and putting your trust in the Lord and accepting his peace into your life. I adore Delayna and look up to her so much! Her husband Tony is equally amazing and constantly impresses me with his ability to push through adversity and remain true to what he believes in . What an amazing example he is for their precious children!

Kyle and I had so much fun at Landa Library with this sweet family. Thankfully we didn't get pelte with acorns or pooped on by squirrels like last time I was at Landa Library, but instead got to soak in the sweet spirit of this family and learn so much from them. Montecino family, thank you for sharing your amazing selves with us! You are a constant example of what we want our family to be like someday! Enjoy these fun highlights from our session!

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