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Maggie & Colin ~ Riverwalk Couples Session

Maggie and Colin were some of our first friends here in San Antonio! Kyle first met Colin at Orientation for medical school and then they ended up in the same study group, and Maggie and I are in the same Side by Side group (a support group for medical wives through the CMDA). At first, Colin was adamant that none of the people at the school were his true friends yet because they didn't his birthday or his middle name. Well Maggie invited everyone out for a birthday dinner for Colin so we all learned his birthday, and then Kyle and I guessed Colin's middle name correctly (which I will not reveal upon pain of death, as promised) so we can now officially count ourselves as Colin's true friends! Apparently we only got partial credit for the last five months. ;)

Colin and Maggie have been together for 8 years! They dated through high school and college and got married almost 3 years ago! Medical school is just the next step in their amazing adventure together! And we're so grateful they chose to do it here in San Antonio, with us! We love having couple friends that understand the medical journey and all of it's struggles and joys. They are some of the most genuine, life-loving people we know and we're incredibly grateful for their friendship!

We had a train come through during our photo session and Colin thought I was crazy when I whined a little bit about it getting into the back of my pictures. He wanted the train in the photos! So here they are, Colin: your train photos :)

The train even made it's way into these adorable photos of Colin surprising Maggie and spinning her around from behind! And then Maggie tried to return the favor! Colin was not amused...

Colin and Maggie ADORE their cute dogs and desperately wanted some photos with them - their family isn't complete without them! I was hesitant because I've never photographed dogs before and I was terrified they'd all turn out awful, but they're actually pretty cute! What you can't see in these photos is Kyle running around with a doggie treat in his hand trying to get Rudder (the lighter colored, younger one) to turn and face the camera while Ellie (the darker colored, older one) sat more calmly than most children I photograph! We ended up getting some cute ones, even though it was ridiculously dark outside and the majority of them (the unedited ones) ended with Rudder's rear end front and center...

Maggie and Colin, THANK YOU! People always told us that we'd meet some of the very best people during our years in medical school; they encouraged us to seek out those people and hold onto their friendship for dear life. And we intend to do exactly that! Kyle and I truly believe that this friendship can be a lifelong one. Here's to many more years!

Love, Sara and Kyle

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