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Jacobs Family | San Antonio Family Session | The Pearl | Sara Welburn Photography

Growing up in a big family (family of twelve coming atcha) has so many ups and downs. I absolutely love my big ol' family but I remember that when I was younger, it was super crazy all. the. time. Trying to get to everyone's activities on time, making sure everyone was fed and where they needed to go, and ensuring that everyone was spiritually, emotionally, and physically doing okay. My parents had to do a lot of mediating between us 10 kids, and lot of counting to ten so they didn't rip our obnoxious heads off. And I admire them so much for it. Parenting is HARD. And parents of large families have a special place in Heaven (right alongside parents of special needs kids like the Smiths and the Saeds). So yeah, special place in heaven for parents like Naomi and Scott here. Six boys!!! And a dog! Special mansion in Heaven is more like it. The angels intevened so that we could have the picture above where every single person is looking at the camera! Even the dog!

In all honesty, though, this family is amazing. Large families can be super hard - the bickering, the constant running around, the endless cooking. It's exhausting. Naomi is one of the strongest ladies I've ever had the pleasure to meet. She handles it all with a witty sense of humor and an honesty that adds so much to the relationships she creates with other people. But through all of the difficult parts come some really lovely parts. Amid the bickering and the fighting, you can catch little glimpses of true brotherly love every now and then. A quiet, meaningful conversation. A shared inside joke. A small act of service. All of which are laying the foundation for relationships when they're grown that will be stronger and more meaningful than any others they'll have. Big families are so, so hard! But they're so, so worth it.

And these boys are just darling. I know the oldest few are getting to be past the "boy" stage and entering into the "young man" stage, but it's still true! When I see them passing the sacrament in church on Sunday or helping their younger brothers when their mom is busy, I'm reminded of the story of the stripling warriors, many of which were as old as Benjamin and Sam are now. And even though Henry's head of hair looks completely different now (thank you head lice), they're all growing into handsome young men who understand what really matters and, when it comes down to it, will do what's right and what needs to be done. Naomi and Scott, you're doing a truly amazing job with your boys! Enjoy these highlights from our family session of their cute faces!

Jacobs family, y'all are a HOOT! There is always something going on! And while I know that is crazy and absolutely infuriating some days, it's something I dreadfully missed. I loved growing up in a large family. And even though it was hard some times (okay, a lot of times) my siblings are now my best friends in the whole world. The craziness of today will turn into the laughter and connection of tomorrow. Thank you for unapologetically being yourselves and reminding us that there are so many wonderful joyous moments to be found in the crazy!


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