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How to Prepare for Your Fresh 48 Session

Congratulations! Having a baby is a BIG DEAL! Whether this is your very first miracle baby or it's your sixth one and counting, I can't wait to help make this experience as magical and memorable as I possibly can! Fresh 48 sessions are some of my absolute favorite as a photographer. The emotion and the love felt in these precious first few days are unlike anything else in the world. And I'm honored you believe in me enough to entrust me with capturing these moments.

After you've officially booked your Fresh 48 Session with me (paid the non-refundable retainer and signed your contract) I'll send you a questionnaire asking you for more specific information about your session: which hospital you'll be at, who else will be at the session, which photos are most important for em to capture, etc. Once I get that information back, then the fun really begins!

Pack Clothes for Your Session

When you're packing for the hospital, don't forget to grab a comfortable outfit for your session! Emphasis on the COMFORTABLE part! Yes, you'll want to look cute, but please don't put too much pressure on it. You'll look amazing no matter what you wear! You just gave birth for goodness sake; you are a goddess! As you choose your outfit, just remember that your pre-pregnancy clothes probably won't fit right away, but maternity pants are a great alternative! Whether you wear a simple nightgown, a comfy dress, your pajamas, or you hospital gown, just remember that simple is best! Avoid bright colors and crazy patterns at all cost :) Your SO can simply wear a solid colored shirt and plain jeans and any children that may be in the photos can wear solid colored simple clothes as well.

Stay in Contact!

We all know that babies like to adhere to their own schedule, and that NOTHING is immune to that, not even photo sessions that have been planned for months ;) but whether your little one comes on time or at his/her leisure, I ask that you or your significant other text/call me from the car on your way to the hospital and we'll confirm the time that you need me to arrive at the hospital! That way I have enough time to clear my schedule if the baby came early or if we need to change anything! Some parents want me to come right after the baby is born, and other want time to come the next day when things aren't so crazy. Whichever we decide, that text from the car is so important so we can make sure everything stays on schedule! I'd hate to miss anything important. Make sure your SO has my contact info so we can continue to coordinate through all the craziness.

Prepare the B A B Y ❤️

Before I get there, you'll want to change your little angel into a clean diaper and either swaddle them in a solid colored blanket or in that cute little outfit you've had picked out for weeks! If you have small stuffed animal that has a lot of sentimental value or a special baby blanket that you want included in the photos, go ahead and grab that too. If possible, go ahead an feed your baby right before I get there. That will ensure that they're happy and full for our session, and hopefully they'll sleep right through it (or will at least keep from fussing too much). If that doesn't work and you need to nurse during our session, NO WORRIES. Go ahead and take care of your baby. If you want nursing photos, just ask me! If not, that's okay too :)

Have Your Partner Clean Up a Bit

I'll arrive at the hospital half an hour before our session is scheduled to start so I have time to park, navigate the craziness inside the hospital, and set up my equipment in your room. Be prepared that we might have to spend some time moving things around the hospital room, cleaning clutter from the background of photos, and even re-arranging furniture to get the best lighting and background possible! So if you're partner wants to get a jump on the cleaning before I get there, that's even better. Throw away any garbage laying around, consolidate all the bags (there are always so many!) into a small corner, and even ask anyone who may be visiting that won't be in the photos to please leave during the session. That will allow us to spend less of your session time cleaning and more of it focusing on YOU. I love clean backgrounds and natural light, and some hospital rooms definitely make us work for it!

Don't Stress!

The beauty of lifestyle sessions is that we don't have to get through a certain amount of poses or force the baby do to what we want. Lifestyle sessions are meant to be laid-back and pretty chill. We'll just capture whatever the baby will do for us and we'll love it! Whatever happens, happens. And you'll still have some wonderful photos at the end of the session!

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