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God Won’t Save You

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Dear future little one,

The world is full of bad things. Plain and simple. Life hurts. It’s painful, it’s heart-breaking, and it’s absolutely terrifying. And sometimes (okay lots of times) the awful things that happen to you, to your loved ones, to the world in general, cause you to question. Shouldn’t God have warned me before getting into the car right before an accident? Couldn’t He take this pain away so I didn’t have to go the the ER again? Wouldn’t He have warned me that this guy would cheat before I started dating him?

It’s the age old question: why do bad things happen to good people?

One answer to this question is so common that people have written songs about it: we grow through adversity. Hard things make us stronger. Right, we get that. But I think there’s a deeper, more personal reason, too.

We wouldn’t need Him if life was always good.

Without our aches and pains and missteps, we wouldn’t be reminded that we can’t make it through this life without His grace and His merits. That the only way to make it to Heaven is through Him. We can’t do it by ourselves. And while our trials do help us to grow and learn and become better, they also remind us that we CAN’T do everything on our own and we DO need to turn to Him for guidance and strength and peace.

Very often our trials result in us blaming God and pulling farther away from Him when the exact opposite is meant to happen! God doesn’t save us before our afflictions, He saves us IN our afflictions (Alma 36:2). He allows us to go through heart-wrenchingly difficult things so we can learn AND so we can remember to turn to Him.

So don’t allow that breakup, or that betrayal, or that pain turn you away from the very person who can help you through it. He’ll let you go through it, but He’ll be right by your side the whole way, succoring you and lifting you up like only He can. God won’t save you from the hard things in life, but He will make your life meaningful as you turn to Him.

Forever and Always Yours,


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