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God Wants You NOW, Not When You’re Perfect

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Dear future little one,

Earlier this week I watched this video of little babies saying their first words. It was adorable to watch these tiny little humans begin to talk, but it was even more fun to listen to the parents’ reactions to that first word. They’d scream and giggle and laugh and you could just feel their joy emanating through the screen. It was one of the happiest moments of their lives.

As parents we love to watch our children grow, see them say their first word, take their first steps, ride their first bike, go to their first school dance. And we love being an integral part of it, right in the thick of it, experiencing every moment with them. How fulfilling would it really be if you didn’t interact with your child in a meaningful way until they were all grown up and established as responsible members of society who could already walk, talk, ride bikes, and function as an adult? We desperately want to be a vital part of every new moment in a child’s life; it’s one of the most joyful experiences we can have.

So why do we deprive our Heavenly Father of that same joy??

How often do we justify our distance from Him because we’ve messed up or we’re not good enough? How often do we let our own insecurities keep us from approaching Him because we feel like we don’t deserve His help or His peace yet? We justify not approaching Him by saying we can ask for his help once we finally read our scriptures every day, or once we finally stop yelling at out kids, or once we finally get into that grad program we’ve been working towards. “Oh, He’d want me to try my best and do everything I can before coming to Him.”

Honestly, though, who are we to decide when our Father in Heaven wants to be near us?

He doesn’t want us once we’re already perfect. He doesn’t want us when once we decide we’re finally good enough. He doesn’t want just the finished product, He wants you NOW! He wants the raw, the ugly, the imperfect, and the awful. He wants the mistakes and setbacks and heartaches and failures all rolled into one.

He wants YOU. At every and any stage that you’re in.

Don’t deprive Him of the experience of watching and playing a vital part in your growth. Don’t wait until you’re perfect to come to Him, because you never will be. Let Him love you.

Forever and Always Yours,


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