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God Loves Broken Things

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Dear future little one,

The other day I was reminded of just how imperfect I really am. I was feeling completely and totally overwhelmed with life. I was physically exhausted, I was way behind on school work, and I felt utterly incompetent at my job. Mid-emotional breakdown I turned to my husband and sobbed “What is wrong with me?! Why is this so hard?! Why am I so bad at this?! I just feel broken”. He just held me for a while and then said something far more profound than I could appreciate in that moment of ugly-crying.

God loves broken things.

In Japan they have this beautiful tradition called “Kintsugi”. Basically, if you break a piece of pottery, no matter how intricate or how plain, they don’t throw it away. Instead, they pick up the broken pieces, fit them together as best they can, and fill in all the cracks with a shining lacquer dusted with gold. Rather than hiding the fractures and broken edges, they emphasize them in a way that makes the pottery more beautiful than it was even when it was “whole”.

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And God does the same thing with us. When you feel inadequate and unimportant and broken, He doesn’t sweep up your mangled pieces and throw them away. He picks up the shards of your life and puts you back together, more beautiful than ever before. He fills in your cracks with love and peace and confidence.

God loves broken things, because He can make you your most beautiful when you’re broken.

It’s time to start seeing ourselves as He sees us: blessed because we’re broken.

Forever and Always Yours,


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