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The Woolf Family | San Antonio Family Photography Session at Joshua Springs Park

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

We headed up just a bit north of Boerne for this family session and the minute Kyle and I pulled into the parking lot it started POURING rain! And for the entire session the sky alternated between moderately drizzling and recreating the flood that lifted up Noah's Ark. With only one umbrella (which was needed to keep the camera dry), we spent the entire hour sprinting out when the rain was falling a little softer, and rushing for cover when the sky decided to open up again. But through it all, we had a blast :)

Kyle and I LOVE the rain! In Utah, we really never got any decent rain, but San Antonio has blessed us with massive thunderstorms soooo many times since we've moved here! And we love every second of it! Gratefully, little Addie here loved the rain, too! Splashing in puddles, running through the rain, and trying to catch water droplets on her tongue, she was one of the most adorable things I'd ever seen!

Mom and Dad even joined in on the water fun!

Not only was Addie spunky, energetic, and just plain cute, she absolutely stole our heart with how she interacted with her parents. You can just feel love and respect that this family has for each other! Scott and Maureah work incredibly hard as a fellow medical couple (Scott in currently working on his opthamology residency) but you can tell Addie just adores them both.

And the love that Scott and Maureah hold for each other is pretty tangible, too! One of my favorite things as a family photographer is to get to know the stories of the families I photograph, especially when those families are medical families like we are! It's so encouraging to see a family (and a couple) that are successfully making it through this medical journey! It gives us hope that we can make it, too :)

Woolf family, thank you so much for this wonderful experience this weekend! This was one, big, great adventure for Kyle and I. We loved interacting with your sweet family and getting to know cute little Addie. Your patience and sense of adventure with the weather conditions were enthusiastic and greatly appreciated. We gravitated towards your family and the love felt there; thank you for sharing that with us! We know the medical journey is hard but we have full faith your family's ability to pull through it stronger and closer than ever before. You will do great things! Thank you for allowing us to be a small part of your journey.


Sara and Kyle

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