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San Antonio Senior Portrait Sessions at the Pearl

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Congrats to these handsome Castanos boys! With Jaden off to the Navy and Joseph off to BYU-I and a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints, their mama is one proud lady!

I love when my seniors follow the style guide I send them! The solid colors, the clothes that fit well and make them feel confident help me to focus in on their amazing personalities and individuality without the distractions of busy patterns and baggy clothes. Meet Jaden! The sporty, rap-loving, navy-bound brother with a dazzling smile who definitely followed the style guide. He was a little shy when we first started our session, but as we walked around the Pearl picking out his favorite backgrounds, he opened up a bit more and I was able to see that he was a sweet guy with a fun sense of humor! Jaden, the Navy is lucky to have you!

Meet Joseph, the confident, book-loving, college-bound brother who also did an amazing job of following the style guide! As we walked around finding the backgrounds that Joseph related to the most, he really loved the waterfall section on the Pearl! He totally trusted all of my posing ideas, even when they brought him (and me!) dangerously close to the water. We promised each other we wouldn't fall in, and he trusted me to get some neat shots. And I think we accomplished that! I'm forever grateful to the clients that put their trust in me and go along with my wacky ideas. Thank you, Joseph, for being such a good sport!

One of my favorite things about being a senior photographer is seeing the relationships between the seniors I get to serve and their parents! I love when mom or dad tag along to the session. It's fun to hear mom's fun stories and to see the unique relationship each senior has with their parent! It reminds me of my relationship with my mom and makes me think what it was like for her when I graduated from high school six years ago! I invited Brenda to jump in front of the camera with her two boys, and even though she balked initially, both her boys insisted and she finally jumped in! Most moms would rather stay out of the limelight, but I've found that most moms cherish these photos more than they thought they would in the moment.

Sibling rivalry is real (trust me, with nine siblings I would know!) but despite that, you could tell these brothers love each other very much. It's fun to come to these photoshoots and be an unbiased third party, observing relationships and people for the first time. I get this brief little window into their lives for an hour or so during the session and the communication before and after. And with these two guys, it was easy to see that there was love there.

Jaden and Joseph, thank you for being such great clients! You trusted me, both with your outfits and your posing, and even though it was way too early on a Saturday morning we ended up having a lot of fun! With your quiet confidence and your kindness, you have reminded me that your generation has so much to offer! That young men your age deserve a lot more credit than they're given. I hope my future sons have your same kindness and regard for others. Thank you for being your amazing selves!!


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