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Brackenridge Park Anniversary Session - Reinicke

THESE TWO ARE THE CUTEST!!! We had an absolute BLAST at their anniversary session! I swear we didn't stop laughing and smiling and telling stories the.whole.time. You can't help but be just... joyful around Chad and Victoria. I have so much empathy and respect for all medical couples (Victoria attends Kyle's medical school), and these cuties set such a high bar! They love life, love each other, and look at life like the giant adventure it is! I absolutely adored taking their anniversary photos. Here is a little bit about them along with my favorites from their session!

We are half way into our 2nd year in San Antonio and 2nd year of marriage. Since our move to San Antonio last July, we have bought a house, adopted a new dog, and survived the first year of medical school and a new job. Cheyenne is enjoying her second year while preparing for boards. Chad continues to enjoy his job and run his hobby wordworking company Red River Custom Carpentry.

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