Medical School Headshots

Need an actual professional photo of your head for those resumes, applications, etc.? I've got you! 

I have an indoor studio set up that I can have you in and out of in 20 minutes! 


20 Minutes

That's all it takes! The first few minutes are to help you get comfy in front of the camera, and the rest are to capture that minimum of 5 professionally edited images of YOUR FACE!

Professional Background

Most residencies require that your headshot have a clean, light background. Well my in-home studio area has got you covered! 

What to Wear

Research says to suit up! The Dermatology Online Journal published an article about The role of the Electronic Residency Application Service photograph in dermatology residency selection. And here's what we learned.


Women: wear a suit, keep your hair down, and avoid anything low cut.

Men: wear a suit, comb/style both head hair and facial hair, and avoid pinstripes.

Avoid wearing white as your main color (like a white dress shirt without a suit coat) because you'll look washed out against the white background. We want you to POP!

You can bring your white coat with you, but the majority of our photos will take place without it. For one, it'll wash you out. And two, if you wouldn't wear it to your residency interview, don't wear it in your headshot!

After the Session

Initial Upload

After our session I'll go through and pick the best photos. They'll then be uploaded to an online gallery unedited where you will have the option to pick your favorite five!


Once you've seen the photos, if you'd like more then the 5 that came with your session, you can purchase more images for $25 per image. Or you can purchase the entire gallery for an additional $200.


Once you select your favorites, I'll do slight edits to really help you shine in your headshots! After you've seen the finished versions I can make one more round of edits fixing flyaways, acne, etc. 

Final Upload

Once all edits are completed, I will upload them to the gallery where you can download them to your heart's content! You can even purchase prints from my professional print lab shipped right to your door!

The Investment

The actual price of your headshot package.


The Medical School Headshot Package includes 5 professionally edited headshots up to residency application standards. You get to pick which headshots you pay for, and you even have the option to purchase additional ones if that tickles your fancy. 

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